Services & care

  •       Portraits (humans & pets)
  (for more details please see information below)

  •     Flowers
  (paintings of variety view of flowers for any interior designs;
  wedding bouquets)

  •        Landscapes
  (special places; honeymoon/vacation areas; place where he
d or where you first met each other)

  •        Still Life
  (variety of different arrangements; fruit; vegetables; wedding
   cakes, wedding bouquets)

  •        Architectural
  (churches; banks, offices, homes)

  •        Wildlife
(paintings of wild animals)

Art Sale

To receive further information about my paintings please contact me.
Many originals are sold before they appear on my website.

If you are thinking of commissioning a painting, please fill the "contact us"
form and I will contact you to discuss more details about prices and time

How does the commission process work?

I will work with your pictures which you can send or e-mail me.
Please send a selection of pictures and I can choose the best one for the
portrait. Please label them and keep a copies for yourself as well.  To label
them, place a sticker on the back side of the picture as a number I, II, III, etc.
When I contact you for your approval we will discuss the pictures by their
associated number.  All pictures will be returned to you with the finished

Once we agree on the idea for the painting,
the details, and get your
approval, I will start the painting. Full payment is required before sending
the painting. I accept major credit cards via Pay-Pal.

Once the painting is finished and the payment verified, the painting will be
t or delivered (if local).

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Picture taking tips for Animal (Pets) Portraits:

1/  outside: on a bright sunny day with the sun behind your back
2/  inside: by a window with nat
ural light shinning on the pet
3/  lower your camera to the pet’s eye level
4/  make sure your camera is focused, so I can see every detail, especially the
5/  the quality of the photo you will send equals the quality of the portrait
6/  do not be afraid to position yourself to take the best shot         

art care

Hanging, Framing and Cleaning of oil painting

Hang your oil painting in a wall with good natural light. Direct sunlight  
will cause a gradual fading of the colors.
Extreme temperatures also can damage the painting. Lights in the frame or
very nearby are not recommended. The correct lighting would be a spot
light located at a distance of at least three feet from the painting.

My artwork doesn't have to be framed because I paint the sides as well. You
can frame your painting in a local framing store. They will help you decide
what kind of frame would be most suitable. Glass is not necessary for any  
oil or acrylic artwork.

Cleaning your oil painting is very simple. Use a soft brush to remove the
dust on the surface.
Please, do not use a vacuum cleaner or wet the painting to remove dust.

With this simple care you are ready to exhibit your oil painting.
All rights reserved.

maria polyock